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2829 Servers
749488 Players
3205 Players in the last hour
522419 Blocked Connections
72042 Global Bans
134945 Local Bans
59512 Temporary Bans


Welcome to glizer - the Minecraft Globalizer.
Glizer provides some very useful features to protect and improve your minecraft mutliplayer experience like:

  • Notes
  • Warnings
  • Bans
  • Profiles
  • Comments
  • Friends
  • Ratings
  • Whitelist
  • Messaging
  • Account Theft Protection

The Glizer Server is already working with UUIDs, but the currently used glizer plugin does NOT work with UUIDs. The UUID based glizer plugin will be released immediately after the release of Microsofts minecraft name changer option. Please update immediately to the newest version if this happens. Otherwise your server will NOT BE SAFE! You'll get a notice on your server when this happens.

Glizer is a non commercial project so all services we offer you will be free, forever! We try to implement as much posibilities to make you decide wich of them you want to use.
Rule #1: Dont be evil.
Rule #2: The community decides, always.
Rule #3: The System must be fair and neutral to every server.
Rule #4: All data are yours! Even when you uninstall glizer you're keeping your data.
Rule #5: You decide what you want to use and how you want to use it.